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We have added the owner’s manual that has all the troubleshooting, installation and set-up information you need before you purchase the Trav’ler Slimline from Winegard. Do not try to move the vehicle. I would need the OE-Dish kit instead. Steps 1-7 explain how to use the TRAV’LER Interface box to raise the mount to install the reflector. See pages 5–8 for an SK-3005 combined with a dome antenna.

WINEGARD COMPANY POWER ON Now the power is ON, the button may be released. Hello all, I purchased a new Winegard DirecTV Trav&39;ler Satellite system for our new Bighorn 3160EL. Like the sounds of winegard trav ler interface box manual directv tires skidding followed by the sounds of a crash. They said the RP-SK-11 and RP-SK-21 are not sufficient to convert the system. A Zinwell WB616 can be substituted for the WB68 to expand the outputs from 8 to 16.

MANUAL 101 MANUAL 110 MANUAL 119 MANUAL 129 MANUAL 148 MAIN MENU (returns to the User Menu) EXIT (Enters the Search Routine) Press Select to cycle through each of these satellites until the asterisk is next to the satellite you wish to find. On the back side you will see where the 12V power (coming from a 120V/12V converter) can plug in and you will see a small block with 4 square holes and another with 6 holes. Will take 800$ or best offer.

I would need the OE-Dish kit instead along with the DPH42. Used for 2 yrs all parts and manuals present. Attach the TRAV’LER power supply to the TRAV’LER interface box, and attach the AC power cord to the TRAV’LER power supply. See page 15 for receiver settings. The instructions that came with it were very good.

com or. In September, it stopped working. This manual provides important information on the installation and operation of your TRAV’LER antenna on an RV.

If you have the Winegard Trav&39;ler then the control box inside has a digital display, Power, Select and Enter buttons. winegard trav ler interface box manual directv What Receivers are compatible with RV Winegard Trav"ler Dish 1000? Finally, connect a coax cable from the TRAV’LER mount to each of the receivers being used with the TRAV’LER Automatic Satellite Dish.

I sent Winegard the numbers off of the controller as well as the info from the Trav&39;ler turrent. Please take time to read the manual in its entirety before installing or operating your antenna. Would need a direct tv interface box for direct tv service.

It is pointing straight up in the air. ” port of the interface box. The TRAV’LER interface box must plug into a well-ventilated 110V outlet. I called Winegard and ordered the OEM Dish Conversion Kit – part number “OE-DISH”. The sounds that suggest something is not right in the world. The antenna would not stow. Page 8 Troubleshooting ANTENNA CONNECTION FAILED Check the data cable connection on the back of the interface box. Have done this about 5 full cycles now.

Still did not work. The Winegard TRAV’LER SK-1000 RV satellite antenna is the one you can trust to bring satellite television experience, like the ones in your home, in your RV. EL MOTOR STALLED: SK MOTOR STALLED: STOW FAILURE ANT NOT STOWED: The TRAV&39;LER antenna is not stowed. Upon reading the installation instructions, I found that installing the dish on the factory pre-installed satellite backer plate is not possible because the clearances called for by Winegard&39;s installation instructions.

Something is preventing the mount from rotating; look for obstructions. Called Winegard and was told to replace the short cable on the antenna. Simply press “POWER,” and the antenna. *** See page 14 for receiver settings. Learn how to set up DirecTV in your Tiffin Motorhome using a Winegard Dome or TRAV&39;LER.

Page 24 WINEGARD TRAV’LER SK-3005 DIRECTV Slimline Wiring Diagram Notes: 1. Buy Winegard W61-RPSK83 Replacement Travler Interface Box from Walmart Canada. To start a search: Press and Hold Power for two seconds or until the TRAV’LER interface displays “POWER ON”. It began to stow the antenna and I could hear the motor making some sounds.

Attach the output cable from the Power supply to the TRAV’LER Interface Box. Within 90 minutes I had replaced the parts on the Trav’ler. I just purchased a used motor home.

This satellite receiver antenna -- Trav&39;ler DirecTV Slimline -- was installed on the roof of my MH about a year ago. If you need help making the choice if the Winegard DirecTV Trav’ler Slimline Satellite Dish is right for you call, email or chat live with Winegard at, help. Steps 1-7 explain how to use the TRAV’LER Interface Box to raise the mount. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

If there is no obvious obstruction, contact Winegard Technical Support at help@ winegard. I was told be DirectTV end of life for the older receivers will be December, that everyone had to switch to the new Genie receivers for. Page 13: Ready To Travel. Press SELECT to winegard trav ler interface box manual directv move the asterisk to “Yes”. The TRAV’LER is oval-shaped and has multiple LNBs, so it can receive Ku-band transmissions as well as DIRECTV’s Ka-band high-definition feeds. TIP: You have “10 SECONDS” to do Step 2 or the “Search Routine” starts. CONNECTING TO ANTENNA Once the power is on, the TRAV’LER Interface will try to determine the type of dish that it is working with.

After moving to a new location, the system routinely takes several (10-15 minutes) to find and lock onto satellites 101W, 99W, and 103W. pi=zFozZ3YWBz4DhBz0 -. Back to the Winegard Trav’ler. Press POWER and hold for 2 seconds to turn “ON” the TRAV’LER winegard trav ler interface box manual directv Interface Box.

I contacted Winegard today to double check what I needed to convert my Directv Trav&39;ler to Dish. Shop for more TV Antennas - HDTV, Digital, VHF, UHF available online at Walmart. The 24” AC power cord must be long enough to extend from the outlet to the interface box power supply, which will then connect to the interface box. Winegard trav&39;ler automatic multi-satelite - 0 (Tucson) Automatic satellite for RV. One was the reflector, the other was the LNB arm. Press ENTER and hold for 2 seconds or until the unit displays “Enter User Menu”.

TRAV’LER ® Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna Model SK-3005 DIRECTV® SLIMLINE OPERATION MANUAL Made in the U. There is a dish on the roof and inside the motor home is an auto unit that brings the satellite up and down, along with finding the sky connections, directv all 3 readings over 100. What arrived was a HUGE box that had 2 smaller boxes in it. All antennas used are approved and certified DISH and DIRECTV reflectors that are also used for residential purposes. Connect the power/control cable running from the mount base to the “DC OUT/ANT. * The TRAV’LER may enter the “Search Routine” after 10 seconds; this is normal (See NOTE Below).

Attach the TRAV’LER control cable to the TRAV’LER Interface Box, as shown in Figure 5. Wait until the Interface Box finishes “connecting to antenna”. The 30’ control cable must be long enough to extend from the mount base to the interface box. Rated 1 out of 5 by Wesham from Need a Winegard lemon law Bought the Trav&39;ler antenna in July for Directv. You know the sounds. I received a satellite dish for DirecTV from Winegard, specifically the Trav’ler. Unlike cheaper versions this satellite will allow for recording on 3 different. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAV&39;LER DIRECTV Slimline Antenna at Amazon.

Figure 9 Finally, connect a coax cable from the TRAV’LER mount base to each receiver being used with the TRAV’LER antenna. Still did not work; No SWM signal. Page 7 Operation DIRECTV HD Receiver Setup The TRAV’LER antenna offers a simple one-button operation. Winegard is committed to delivering only the best quality products for its costumers’ satisfaction. The TRAV’LER will remain in manual mode until you select multi-sat mode again.

Winegard Company • 3000 Kirkwood St. I believe the SWM is embedded in the Trav&39;ler itself (Vs on some applications it&39;s a stand alone box, that interfaces to a dish. Follow the instructions on this side of the manual if installing the TRAV’LER DIRECTV SWM Slimline antenna.

Try to stow the TRAV&39;LER. Winegard says replace the LNB. The cost was 4 with shipping.

See page 14 for receiver settings. There are two cables that attach to it, several screws to mount it down, and attaching the dish to the components. The TRAV’LER interface box must plug into a well-ventilated 110 V outlet. The Trav&39;ler Interface Box powers up fine, and the Satellite goes thru full deployment mode, locking in on the three birds, and also goes to store mode well to. The DISH/Bell TV TRAV’LER antenna and Shaw Direct TRAV’LER antenna all require the following steps for connecting to the interface box: 1.

According to the Winegard G3 Carryout Satellite Antena specifications it is certified to work with DirectTV, I assume this applies to the older DirectTV receiver not the newer Genie mini receivers. Its an HD dish that mounts to the roof of your RV and automatically finds the right satellite so all you have to do is turn it on and it searches. Winegard SK-1000 TRAV&39;LER Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna - DISH Network / Bell TV Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna with Mount and Signal Finder - White. Winegard’s world-class connectivity products & services include WiFi, 4G LTE, satellite, and over-the-air technologies for residential, RV, OTR Trucking, oil & gas, and more. Carryout ® GM-1518, GM-1599. Set up for and Includes Dish interface box. • Burlington, IA.

Connect the power/control cable to the TRAV’LER interface box, as shown below in Figure 9.

Winegard trav ler interface box manual directv

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